[Dev Blog] Dungeon Drop Re-release

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So, we are re-releasing Dungeon Drop soon and I know that sounds kinda weird…but I have a reason. Blind Fist Software has been in a transition period with Stephen and I being the owners to just me. Stephen is still programming but he just wanted a smaller roll. So, with the re-release we are tweaking some of the game-play, and adding a butt load of new art. Also, we will be trying to a simultaneously release of both iPhone and Android versions. This re-release is only the beginning of things want to do this year.

[Dev Blog] Project NitZ Annouced

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Hey, peoples! I actually going to do a dev blog here….so you can see our progress with our projects! It’s been some time since we released Dungeon Drop, so it’s about time we get cracking at new game. Project Nitz is a 2D top-down puzzle adventure game set in a science fiction setting. Our goal is to make a game that feels like it should belong on a Dos machine, but still look good to modern players.

If any of you Dos gaming dudes think the level below looks familiar then…you’re right. The level is a nearly exact copy of the first level Paganitzu by Apogee Software/3DRealms. This game is our core inspiration for our design and it was one of the earliest Dos games I played as a child. I doubt this level will be in our final game, but you never know.

The sprites and tiles are all 16×16 pixels and are made to be easy to place down. A lot of the art was inspired by our dead game Project Metro, which never saw the light of day. In both projects, I used a lot of darker purples and blues which gives the games a dark but colourful feel to it. Also, with the green acid works well to contrast the darker colours.

So, what we’re working on right now is the initial setup for the game. Stephen is working on letting me export my levels from Pyxel Edit to Game Maker: Studio. This should make things a lot easier for us when it’s finally set up. I am currently just working on character animations and getting those looking properly. Animation has to be my weakest areas as an artist, but I think it’s looking good so far.

Well, that’s it for today! I’ll post more once we get more stuff going. Maybe I’ll post an actually screenshot soon.


Dungeon Drop

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Take control of Slimey, a puddle of sentient dungeon ooze drawn to sparkling gems and crazy speeds.
Skillfully dodge stone slabs or splat against them as you fall ever faster. How long can you survive the
drop into the deep dark dungeon? Download now for FREE at the Google Play and Amazon App Store!

Google Play Store

Amazon App Store


  • Addictive skill-based gameplay
  • Carefully crafted tilt controls
  • Compulsive gem collecting
  • Dandy pixel art visuals
  • Retro themed audio
  • Online leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Stuff!

Systems: Android
Genre: Endless Faller